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Hello Beauties!

Wanted to start the week with something colorful and exciting just like SPRING.
 I recently ordered a palette from the Too Faced "Pardon my French"  Collection , it was just too cute to let go and I know I had to try it out. For the past week or so I've been playing with the A LA MODE EYES  Sexy St. Tropez Eye shadow palette  and have been very happy and satisfied with the quality and versatility of these shadows. Definitely a little boost of inspiration to start this Spring & Summer very sexy and bright without leaving elegance behind.
The palette contains 9 beautiful shades in both shimmery and silk finishes, as well as neutrals and bright colors so there's a little something for everyone. A great palette to introduce some color to your makeup looks without it being too much.

Below are some images of different looks I created during the past week; these are only 4 out of so many options this palette gives you.

Look 1
Look 3
Look 3
Look 4

The pros: 
  • Very versatile shades and finishes that can take your look from day to nigh to party.
  • Formula is very pigmented and easy to blend.
  • Fairly priced for what you get.
  • Fun and compact packaging that is very travel-friendly.
The cons:
  • Formula is on powdery side, but foiling -wetting the brush- does helps and increases intensity of the colors, and fall out is very minimum.
Overall, I do recommend it, as you can see, you get so many good qualities in a product, it is definitely worth trying it out.

 I hope you enjoyed this post, if it was helpful or maybe inspired you to get out of the everyday neutral routine, please share this with your friends and follow us if you like.

Until next time!
Big Hug <3

Review: L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

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-.Fresh & Flawless Face Makeup.-

Hello my beauties!

Before the week ended I wanted to share this product review with you because it has been my go-to everyday face makeup for the past month or so. Now that my skin is mostly cleared out and acne isn't much of a problem, I've really been enjoying the L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

The liquid to powder formula allows me to quickly even out my complexion covering just enough, while still showing some skin and giving that fresh and young appearance, perfect for the office, school, or moms on the go.
 On it's own, this isn't a long wearing product, but you can apply a primer prior to it and finish it up with a setting spray - which is what I do, and it holds up well for about 6 to 7 hours before my oils start breaking through.

Work Selfie - don't mind the serious face. About 4 hours after application.

The pros:
  • Applies quickly and evenly - I like to use a synthetic kabuki brush for extra coverage.
  •  Leaves your skin feeling soft and almost bare, without the need to add a finishing powder, even on oily to combination skin like mine.
  • Sets to a matte/natural finish.
The cons:
  • Must use concealer underneath if needed, the powder finish can create a cakey look if cream products are added on top.
  • Bottle does not include pump dispenser.

Overall, I think it is a great option if you're looking to save some time in the morning and don't need to cover up much, or if you're a beginner and just started transitioning from powder to foundation.

Alright beautiful ones, I hope this post was useful and helped you figure out whether this is a product for you or not.  If you have used this and have a different story to tell, please let me know in the comment section.

Until next time <3
Big hug,


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  Greetings my beauties!!!

 At some point most of us have been sad victims of nasty bacteria clogging our pores that get infected causing the formation of red, swollen bumps... in other words, ACNE. I personally have been dealing with it since I was a teenager, which is normal, but when you get to the age of 25 and those bad boys seem to enjoy being on your face, that's when it's no longer acceptable (to me). 

The past 3 years have been my most difficult ones in terms of dealing with acne. It's like the older I got, the more acne wanted to be with me.  I started trying every acne med in the drugstore, many seemed to help for a little, but nothing really cleared out my skin. My self-esteem was suffering, so I decided to rely on makeup to cover it all up, but that only helped momentarily. After thinking about it well, I decided to wear makeup less often to give my face a break, and only used it on weekends and special events. Well,  surprisingly, that didn't help much either...and that's when I got to my highest level of frustration.

Long-story-short! Back in December 2013, I decided to put away all my skin care products and start fresh with an all-natural/organic line. MICHAEL TODD TRUE ORGANICS has been a breath of fresh air for my skin and I. I have been so impressed and happy with this line. After only one week of use I could already see very promising results, and about three weeks to a month later, I literally had 95% clear skin. I wish I had taken detailed Before-After photos.

This post doesn't need to get any longer so let's go straight to the products I used and I'll explain how they worked for me.

I started out by purchasing the DISCOVERY KIT FOR ACNE OILY SKIN

If you have oily/combo skin like myself, then you know most cleansers targeted for this skin type are very strong, soapy and overly cleansing. When you do that, you're striping all of the skin's dirt and makeup residues but also all of its natural, healthy, and totally necessary oils, which results in skin feeling the need to over-produce these oils again because it's now too dry and tight, coming back to its original oily and shiny aspect - like a vicious cycle I would say. They key here is BALANCE! and that is exactly what this cleanser gives you. It removes dirt and only the excess oils, leaving skin clean, soft, and relaxed (never tight).
 Unquestionably the best toner I've ever tried. It is exactly what is claims to be: highly moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. The perfect combo when attacking acne. I've noticed great balancing effects when combining all the products on this skin care regimen, but specially after the cleanser and makes you feel like you don't need anything else. Not the most pore tightening toner for my very large pores, but that is only one con against so many pros. Get this toner, you'll thank me later :).
  I love the consistency of this product, feels very much like a serum/gel formula. Just like its name says, it is definitely a lightweight moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling nicely hydrated and never oily, without clogging your pores. Give it a few minutes for absorption before applying makeup and it's like if it was never there, yet your skin isn't lacking anything.
 A very gentle yet effective scrub that will exfoliate your skin without overdoing it. I must repeat my; the key here is balance! I can't say it enough, and MICHAEL TODD has taught me that very well, I never knew it until I felt it working so well for my skin. I use this about twice a week and it never irritates my skin. After using so many harsh exfoliating scrubs all my life, I have learned to love and appreciate this one very much.
  I look forward to the end of the week to use this mask. The tingly feel along with the minty-citrusy smell make me feel like I'm being so good to my skin, but the relaxed, healthy, and firm look of it show me I have certainly done something good. This is great if you want to treat your skin after putting up with so much all week long. I use this once a week only since I like to pair it up my Pumpkin one, which I also love and totally recommend. Do your acne-suffering self a favor and get these.
I'm currently battling with all the dark spots that stayed behind once the acne was gone, they are quite dark so you may confuse with acne. My skin is very sensitive and catches scars and dark spots very easily (as you can see in this photo). These get very deep in my skin, giving me a hard time when it comes to fading those. Once I've found a solution I will definitely share with you.
I'm really hoping this review motivated you to think more about what good quality skin care products can do for your skin. I am in no way affiliated with this brand (I wish I was), so this is my personal and most sincere opinion resulting from my experience with this line.
See this baby here? It played such a huge part in getting and keeping my face clear!!! it's called the CLEAR BI-LIGHT. If you want me to review it let me know in the comments.

Thank you for passing by. Did you find this post helpful? If so, please share with your friends and family. Also, don't forget to comment with your thoughts on this post and follow us if you like. Until next time beauties :)

Big hug <3

The BEST of: Drugstore Mascaras.-

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Hello beautiful ones!

I was going through all my makeup to do a little bit of Spring cleaning and noticed how some of my products are ready to be replaced, either because they're close to expiration or because they're simply coming to an end.

 I also noticed last season I was really into trying out mascaras, so I had about seven opened, five of these were drugstore mascaras. I was very happy with the way these worked out for me, so I though I would share with you all. If you're like me, you're not a fan of expensive mascaras, given the fact that they must be replaced after only 3 months of use - which I recommend you do.

Alright, let's stop the rambling and get to business. Here are my TOP 5 DRUGSTORE MASCARAS:


I'm not trying to mention these in a specific order, but this one is hands down my favorite one - no questions asked.

This baby will provide gorgeous length and beautiful volume along with great definition. You can build up the volume and length by adding several coats, but I don't see the need to go over three, four coats is pushing it unless you're looking for clumpy/spidery-looking lashes - not my favorite look.
The formula on this mascara is very soft to the application, leaving your lashes very manageable and smooth to the touch. It's also a bit wet for my taste, which may weight down your lashes and loose  the curl faster, but that hasn't been an issue of mine yet, I just though I would mention it just in case.

Overall, great all-in-one mascara. I couldn't recommend it more and I will keep repurchasing it.


My go-to mascara for the lower lashes. The formula does great at defining and lengthening without leaving too much product behind, preventing smudging residues in the area.

 However, in my opinion, it doesn't hold up to its name in the sense that I did not see a noticeable EXTENSION on my lashes. The formula is more on the dry side, but I love it for everyday when I want a clean and fresh look on my upper lashes, for the lower lashes though, it's my one and only at the moment. Will definitely repurchase.


My first taste of Rimmel Mascaras. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed.
Amazing volume and curl with fairly decent length are the main ingredients in this mascara. Great for blending your lashes with your falsies...they go seamlessly in my experience. I did notice the formula was loosing its lengthening power as it started to dry out -after almost 4 months of constant use- but I couldn't blame it. The formula is a perfect mix between wet and dry, which worked great for my short/boring lashes.

 I totally recommend this mascara and will most likely repurchase it in the near future.


Yes, that mascara with the butterfly wing shaped brush.
When I first saw it I thought: This is going to be so uncomfortable to apply! Mmmm, no. This actually does the job, a very good job I should say. Don't ask me how the brush makes the outer corner of your lashes curl up and out, because I don't know, I just know it does. Very smooth formula that reminds me a lot of my beloved Telescopic Carbon Black, with a different applicator. It's a bit wet but nothing that will affect its performance, I say.

 I would recommend this mascara if you like the look of flared out lashes, and experimenting with different brushes isn't an issue for you. Not sure if I will repurchase it but I will definitely enjoy while it lasts.


I'm sure we all know this one and can agree it's Old but Gold, without a doubt.

Her and I have our moments. I would stop buying it for months, but when I go back to it, I remember why I can't let it go forever. It's the mascara that taught me what a good mascara can do to your eyes, and this one is a must-try for all of us Makeup Lovers. CoverGirl LashBlast is liquid volume and length in a bottle for your eyes. 

Not much more to say that you don't already know. It's great and you should give it a try if you haven't.

Alrighty girlys, I hope this post was informative and will help you decide what mascara you want to try next. Please comment below if you think I'm missing out on a great mascara and I will go on the hunt for it. Please don't forget to follow us...I would love to see your names and faces in the Follower box.

Until next time beauties!
Big hug <3

Too Faced - A Few of My Favorite Things.-

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-.A Few of My Favorite Things.-

Hello Beauties!

Yes, I'm back...not planning to be away for so long again. Thank you for all your support, and for coming back to read our blog once again...please keep coming :) 

As you may already know by the title, I'm going to share with you my thoughts on the newest addition to my makeup collection...I can't believe it's already sold out and it's not even the first half of December, but I got it only a couple of weeks ago and wasn't ready to give you my honest and most real opinion of it until now. 
Yes, it's the "Too Faced - A few of my favorite things" holiday collection palette. This palette already is one of my "favorite things", pun intended... the design of the packaging and the variety of products and colors included make a perfect blend of: Fun, Sweet, & Chic! Looking at this kit makes me smile :) Oh I'm so cheesy Lol!

Ok, enough blabbing, just look at it yourself!

You couldn't expect any less from TOO FACED COSMETICS. They manage to give the very best from the packaging all the way to the formulas of their products. Like always I'm very pleased with my Too Faced purchase...I see myself getting a lot of use out of this kit.  

This gorgeous palette features 20 eyeshadow shades, 2 blushes, 2 bronzing powders (including the famous Chocolate Soleil & Sun Bunny) a Better than Sex Mascara and a moisturizing  plumping lip tint that will plump your lips either you want to or not hahaha. Definitely a great value kit that would be great for someone that hasn't had the chance to try Too Faced Cosmetics before, or someone like me that already loves Too Faced and want to try more.

It's hard to pick a favorite item from this kit, since every single one is beautiful and very useful...but I must confess, I will get another tube of the BTS Mascara, I'm not saying it stands up to its name, but this thing works amazing on my short/boring lashes!!! I don't usually buy high-end mascaras, to me it's not really worth it since they go bad so fast and I don't want to put a tube of bacterias on my lashes, but this one might be worth the splurge ;-)

 Lip-wise, I was soo impressed with the LIP INJECTION COLOR BOMB in the shade Bee Sting, and I haven't seen a name go so well with a product before hahahha this thing BURNS!!! But it WORKS!!! Whoa this is for real you guys.  I totally don't need lip plumpers, therefore I'm not very experienced with that sort of lip products, but I don't need to be very experienced to see how this really plumps your lips and gives this full and luscious appearance. After a couple of uses you will get used to the burning, it's a bit intense, but totally manageable...I do not recommend exfoliating your lips right before you use this, and always apply a thick lip balm underneath.

Picture taken about 30 seconds after application!

Better and more pictures will be added soon. If you want to see me wear these shadows let me know in your comments beauties. Enjoy your weekend!

Big Hug <3

INFLUENSTER - Rose Voxbox Review.-

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Hello beauties!!!

Yes, I know it has been so long since the last time I came around. I promise I still love this blog and all of you our beautiful readers. So many things going on, but I've been working on managing my time better so that I'm able to prepare interesting and exciting post for you guys. 

With that said, last month I was so lucky and blessed to receive the "Influenster Rose Voxbox" of the month. For some reason i though they would send me one single product for me to try and review, but it turns out it's a box with over 4 variety products in it. I was so excited to start trying everything to have an honest opinion and bring it over to you guys, and that is exactly what I'm going to do in this blog :)
What made me the most excited about this box, is that it was full of items I have never tried before. So it was great to get my hands on things that I have already seen at my local drugstore, but never really caught my attention. 

Let's start with the mascara;

 I would say mascara is one of my favorite beauty products ever! I have tried so many, always hunting for the best one for my short lashes. Rimmel ScandalEyes RetroGlam is the one I received this time. First impression: HUGE applicator! However, it gave my lashes a little length. I found myself being very careful while applying this mascara since the large brush would end up in my eyes or in my lids, messing up my eyeshadow. Once I have that under control, I must say I was pleased with the final result...I was left with longer lashes, a decent amount of volume and no clumps to be seen. That to me describes a good mascara for everyday use. Would I purchase it once I'm done with it? No, I have better ones that don't require me to be so careful with the brush. But if you're not afraid of larger brushes, I don't see why it wouldn't be a good option for you. 

kiss Gradation Polishes 

 In Color Exposure  were a really nice surprise. I wasn't loving them in the packaging, but once on my nails, I knew I needed more colors. The point of these polishes is to create a gradient of colors from dark to light giving an "ombre" effect to your nails. We all love ombre, on our clothes, hair, and now also on our nails. I can appreciate the fact that it comes in a kit with all 3 colors you need, for a pretty affordable price of $7.00 more or less. I would definitely get more colors if they had non shimmery ones, I'm more of an opaque colors type of girl. Although i can totally enjoy the shimmery ones especially during this holiday season. I used this twice, but forgot to take pictures...I took a short video though and posted it on my dear friend Instagram :-)

Other than beauty products, INFLUENSTER also sent some yummy treats, which I always love...I have a major sweet tooth and anything sweet that goes well with coffee it's always a big plus for me. The Belvita Breakfast biscuits is the perfect coffee mate. I enjoyed taking some to work to pair with my morning cuban coffee - definitely a delicious energy combo. 

 Lindt Truffles in Milk Chocolate are nothing but edible luxury, seriously, I'm not a huge chocolate fan but these babies are soo yummy!!!! I can day dream of Lindt truffles :)) I promise.

Ok, all this treats are making me hungry now...I need to get me some more :) But before I go let me mention the last item I received; I haven't been able to use it due to Miami's unending heat, but I feel they would be great if you want to to add comfort and warmth to your winter shoes. We all know Dr. Scholls liners, they are like life savers for your feet, however, I received the Cozy Cushions which are completely unnecessary and useless when your winter weather rarely goes below 55 F and never below 40 F. I will definitely send them over to my dear cousin Pam in NYC, she'll get good use out of them.

Ok my supporting beauties, this is all for today's blog. I will though, put on my big girl pants and manage my time better...I can't wait for you too see what's next!

Hope you're enjoying your day, please comment down below and let me know if you have any request, or if you have a different opinion on any of the items mentioned above.

Big Hug <3

Monthly Subscription: October Birchbox

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Happy Saturday Beauties :)

If you think you're seeing double then you're probably right.  Today is double post Saturday to make up for how awful I was in October.  But the premise is the same.  Before we move forward with November's post I just want to show you what October's Birchbox had in store in the monthly subscription department.

Here is a brief overview of all the products featured in October's Birchbox.

Birchbox is a $10.00 monthly subscription box that promises to deliver between 4-5 beauty samples each month.

Dermablend™ Professional Smooth Indulgence Foundation SPF 20 ($32.00).  Dermablend Professional Smooth Indulgence Foundation is a medium coverage foundation that comes in 10 shades.  The shade provided to me was taupe.  It is actually a medium shade that matches my skin pretty well.  The sample provided to me is 30ml which when used sparingly will provide me with quite a few applications.  In fact like most dermablend product a little really does go a long way.  Dermablend products pride themselves in providing full coverage.  Just take a look at this video.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser ($21.50). This facial cleanser has a gentle and creamy formula.  This cleanser has an herbal scent that is as soothing as the formula itself because it includes includes rosemary and eucalyptus extract.  This cleanser promises to remove the toughest of dirt to include waterproof makeup and when paired with the Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloths it also promises to exfoliate and leave your face feeling fresh, clean and glowing.  Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloths ($6.00).  This muslin cloth is a gentle exfoliate. It helps remove dirt and helps improve the circulation in your face. 

POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer ($14.00). The color I received was Floating Rose.  Floating rose is a muted hot pink color with gold shimmering flecks.  This gloss is smooth and creamy.  It is not sticky and applies easily on the lips.  This particular lip lacquer has a minty scent which I enjoy.
ChapStick® Hydration Lock ($0.00).  Hydration lock promises to moisture your lips for 8 hours, provide it with antioxidants, provide fuller and smoother lips.  Essentially this product is like a lip primer; when applied on the lips it leaves them feeling silky and smooth in texture.  It is perfect before lipstick application.

I hope you enjoyed this follow up post on my monthly boxes.